• Description:

    2 pieces per linear meter are required. It functions as lateral closure and for wall closures. In case of wall closure, this should be sealed with polyurethane between the angular and the wall. We recommend the Würth cartridge.See pictures below.
  • Description:

    This piece fulfils several functions in the engineered modular roof system and can be used as ridge or hip. It is equipped with the same anchor system which joins ridge to ridge hiding the screws. 2 pieces = 1 useful linear meter (including overlap). See pictures below.
  • Translucent – transparent roof tile panels with a surface of 0.61 m2 ideal to illuminate interior spaces or light up porches, verandas, terraces, pergolas, gazebos, etc. A roof tile panel which freshens your environment.
  • Plastic roof tile panel with 4 waves and patented anchor which joins panel to panel and hides the screws avoiding possible leaks and offering a neat and natural appearance. 2 panels = 1.05 m2 useful areaGet in touch with us and we’ll consult you about the wide variety of colours we can offer, for special orders minimum 500 m2.
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