Our patented anchor system results in a perfect finish given that the synthetic roof tiles that make up our modular roof system hide the screws. Each piece is carefully designed for its function in the modular engineered roof system.




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Combine the synthetic roof tiles with our translucent roof tiles in order to light up and freshen the covered spaces. The transparent roof tiles have the same anchor system and can be combined perfectly with our plastic coloured roof tiles for a brighter space.


The material Roofeco’s synthetic roof tiles are made of is 100% recyclable and free of PVC. The colour and surface remain the same through the years; they have a temperature range superior to similar products and a very attractive finish.


When designing your roof with Roofeco composite roof tiles, which are a lightweight roofing system, the whole structure can be lighter, with no need to install lightweight partitions, double layer mortar, waterproof membranes or ceramic bricks. Roof ventilation tiles aren’t necessary either given that this engineered modular roof system includes natural ventilation without adding other elements. These lightweight roof tiles also functions as thermal insulator.

This type of lightweight roof covering allows you to build faster and save material. A Roofeco covering with plastic roof tiles is seven times lighter than a traditional clay roof. It weighs 6.5 kg/m2 vs. 44-50 kg/m2 using traditional tiles.



  • Lightweight roof tiles

    Roofeco’s synthetic roof tiles are lightweight roof tiles (6.5 kg/m2) which are very resistant (5 mm thickness). Thanks to its patented anchor which hides the screws in the overlap, your synthetic roof tiles will be free of leaks. Apart from being fixed to each other by means of the anchor, these lightweight roof tiles are screwed to the structure, providing double safety to our clients. The Roofeco anchor system is patented and turns our synthetic roof tiles into a unique product on the market. Thanks to the fact that there are no visible screws on our synthetic spanish roof tiles, there is zero possibility of leaks: a 100% leak-free roof. The lightweight roof tiles measure 107 x 57 cm, a handy size for a single person to install them.

    Our composite roof tiles, made up of individual synthetic roof tiles, offers a neat and faultless appearance without any visible screws. Once installed, our lightweight roof tiles look like a traditional clay roof. Thanks to its design on the underside, the recycled synthetic roof tiles can be left uncovered below.

    Roofeco lightweight roofing (lightweight roof tiles 70% lighter than traditional roof tiles) only requires a light structure, which facilitates the installation. But light doesn’t mean less safe: Roofeco roof covering materials are solid roof tile panels which support strong winds, as has been proved in hurricane-prone areas of the United States. Furthermore, the clay-coloured and the transparent roofing sheets are hail proof. Lightweight and resistant roofing, all in one! That also means that our synthetic roof tiles material withstands the weight of snow. And all these advantages with no need for heavy support structures: our synthetic roof tiles sheets can be installed on a light wooden or metal structure. What’s more, our lightweight roof tiles can be employed as a substitute for asphalt shingle roofs without having to remove the shingles. Our composite roof tiles are the perfect solution to repair a leaking roof.

  • Save time and money

    The lightweight roof tiles prices are competitive, although the main saving when choosing lightweight plastic roof tiles is gained by the reduction of building supplies and installation time. The saving of time is especially relevant when our modern roofing materials are employed to cover whole houses; as many as 35 m2 per hour can be installed. Roofeco light roofing materials have many advantages over traditional roof tiles.

    The Roofeco plastic roofing sheets will also save you time because they don’t need any maintenance. Install your plastic roof cover and forget about it! Your clay-coloured or transparent roof won’t absorb humidity nor grow mould. Furthermore, your synthetic roof tiles won’t fade nor change their colour with time. 20 years guarantee for your plastic roof tiles.

    Thanks to its aesthetics and easy installation, Roofeco coloured or translucent roofing sheets are perfect for gazebos with plastic roofs, clear plastic shed roofing or clear roofing materials for patio. Nevertheless, our plastic roof panels can also be installed on whole houses with the same high-end result. The lightweight roofing tiles for pergolas, terraces or patios are an additional appeal for your garden given its rustic appearance. Install our clay-coloured or clear roofing material in order to lend your exteriors a neat appearance. Roofeco fake tile roofing sheets can also be employed to cover sheds, arbours, garages, carports and many more. That is: to cover any surface, no matter how large or small.

  • Illuminate your spaces

    Our clay-coloured synthetic roofing materials can be combined with our transparent roofing material to light up and freshen the covered spaces. Our transparent roofing sheets are equipped with the same anchor system and can be combined perfectly with our synthetic terracotta roof tiles in order to achieve bright interiors.

  • Over 25 years of experience

    We have more than 25 years of experience installing composite roof tiles. These synthetic spanish roof tiles combine national production with international experience. Our synthetic roof tiles have been tested in many different climates. The Roofeco synthetic Spanish roof tiles adapts to climates all over the world.

  • Eco-friendly roof tiles

    Our recycled roofing materials are more respectful with the environment given that they are made of recycled material and can be recycled again. Our synthetic roofing materials are made of compound polymers with nano-additives which improve the raw material properties. Recycled plastic roof tiles: investing in the future. Our lightweight roofing tiles are a sustainable option (they are not PVC roof tiles). Worldwide sales of plastic roof tiles are increasing: more and more people trust in lightweight plastic roof tiles to protect their homes.

    Thanks to their composition, Roofeco synthetic roof tiles adapt to all kinds of surfaces, even curved ones. Besides, the plastic roof panels can be cut to the required dimensions or angles with a normal circular saw. There’s no roof that can’t be covered with Roofeco lightweight roofing material.

  • Modular engineered roof system

    The plastic roofing sheets are complemented with a wide variety of accessories, made of the same material and with the same colour as the roof tile panels in order to install your complete lightweight roof covering. Roofeco has plastic ridge tiles, synthetic ridge or hip closures, lateral closure pieces, anti-bird closures and triple- and quadruple ridge unions. A complete and aesthetic modular engineered roof system!

    Roofeco roof tiles: Typical tiles without the typical problems. The best plastic roof tiles.

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