Roof Tile Panels: Chocolate

Roof Tile Panels: Chocolate

Plastic roof tile panel with 4 waves and patented anchor which joins panel to panel and hides the screws avoiding possible leaks and offering a neat and natural appearance. 2 panels = 1.05 m2 useful area

Get in touch with us and we’ll consult you about the wide variety of colours we can offer, for special orders minimum 500 m2.

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If you are interested in any other colour of our sample book, please consult.

Roofeco Plastic Roof Tiles Technical Data

Eco-composition: Recycled polymer with minerals and nanometric components which improve the original properties of the raw materials.

Thickness: 0.5 cm

Weight per m2: 6.5 kg approx.

Minimum roof slope: 10 degrees / 17%

Innovation: Anchor system which joins tile to tile and hides the screws, patented

Degradation: The nanometric components used in the formulation multiply the effect of the conventional additives by 4, thus slowing down the degradation of the material.

Heat and cold: Supports extreme temperatures from -40º C to +60ºC

Winds and hurricanes: Resists winds of up to 178 km/h (110 mph)

Tornadoes: Resists suction force of up to 650 kg/m2 (135 psf)

Acoustics: The sound of rain is hardly noticeable if there is no ceiling.

Reaction to fire: In the event of strong fire, the roof will burn, but it will not contribute to the spreading of the fire nor release toxic gases as would PVC.

Maintenance: not required

Trafficability: Total, does not break and resists hailstorm

Excess cuttings: They will be deposited in the recycling container for plastic materials. Not toxic.

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