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About Us


Roofeco System S.L. is a family business whose seeds were first sown in 1996 in Costa Rica in response to the problems of a multinational corporation which didn’t know what to do with the bags used to cover the bunches of bananas on their plantations. From that year on that waste stopped polluting rivers and farming land and turned into decorative roofs thanks to the production of roof tiles made of recycled plastic. Our ecological footprint is the reuse of this waste which otherwise would pollute the environment. For example: producing 20 m2 of plastic roof tiles clean one hectare of banana plantation.

We produce sustainable synthetic roof tiles

Thanks to the investment of a group of engineers in the project, sustainability became a profitable idea.

Our idea is to convert this waste into synthetic roof tiles which replace the traditional clay and ceramic tiles but with an improved performance: lighter and 100% waterproof, a slightly flexible tile which can be stepped on, not fading and without need of maintenance.

Currently our roof tiles are made in Spain and distributed all over the world, mainly in Europe, Central and South America and the United States.

Conventional roof tiles emit approximately 3.8 kg of CO2 per m², that is 3.8 tons of CO2 per 1000 m².

Roofeco synthetic roof tiles emit approx. 1.6 kg of CO2 per m², that is, 1.6 tons of CO2 per 1000 m².

Roofeco in Spain

Our roof covering materials take advantage of the experience gained in America since 1996 in order to offer an added value to our clients. To obtain these products, the engineers of Roofeco System S.L. developed in a RD&i programme several innovations such as no visible screws and no need of mortar for installation. Furthermore, our lightweight roof tiles include nano-technology which turns the material more resistant to UV degradation, lessens thermal transmission and noise. Thanks to these properties, our synthetic roofing has 20 years guarantee, although its life span can be superior to 50 years.

Our suppliers comply with European quality norms, thanks to which we can offer our clients an unequalled guarantee.

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