Polyurethane Cartridge 300 ml

Polyurethane Cartridge 300 ml

Adhesivo sellante monocomponente de alto rendimiento mecánico.

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Mono-component adhesive sealing with high mechanical performance.

Sticks and seals all in one. The flexible unions can absorb vibrations and expansions.

Different kinds of material can be joined after applying the respective primer for metal, plastic or wood.

Given a perfect preparation of the surfaces, adhesion and sealing according to technical data are achieved.

Once dried it can be painted with most colours, even emulsion paint.

In general good adherence of paint on product.

Totally dry, the material can be hand or machine sanded.

By sanding, spare material can be removed in order to obtain a perfect finish.

This product is especially suitable to stick and seal materials such as: polyester, metals (steel, stainless steel, galvanized, pre-lacquered, cataphoresis, electro-galvanized etc.), aluminum, non-ferrous metal parts, wood and derivatives, glass, numerous thermoset and thermoplastic plastic materials (except PE, PP, PTFE), reinforced cement, insulation materials, etc.

Permits sticking different types of materials effectively.

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