Duroflex 3D 20cm

Duroflex 3D 20cm

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Duroflex is a lacquered aluminium sheet especially designed for singular roof closures. The built-in adhesive is an elastic paste with permanent flexibility which adapts totally to any surface. The sheet’s lacquer offers resistance to elements and to UVA with the result of a finish which won’t deteriorate in many years.

The particular three-dimensional shape of Duroflex 3D allows an extraordinary adaptability to singular closures on the roof making the installation easier and guaranteeing the roofs impermeability. Duroflex 3D is available in different widths and two colours: terracotta and black.

Duroflex 3D is specially recommended for:

  • Waterproofing of drain outlets
  • Waterproofing of gutters
  • Waterproofing of chimneys when on the roof surface

20 x 500cm

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