Lightweight roof tiles by Roofeco System: quality and saving in a single product!

We all love having a home built and equipped with top quality materials, but we often give up that dream because we suppose that quality is not affordable. And so we find ourselves in a continual dilemma between our desire of excellence and our concerns about its cost.

When we map out lightweight roofing, we are struggling with the same problem: on the one hand, we seek highly aesthetic roof covering materials that will turn our garden into a unique and appealing space, but on the other hand, we need modern roofing materials that adjust to our budget. The solution for your Spanish tile roof is easier than you might think. With the Roofeco System plastic roofing sheets, you get both first-class lightweight roofing tiles and save money in many respects.

Saving with Roofeco System plastic roofing

Saving is essential in all homes, given that we all want to get the most of our resources, and it’s not different when it comes to roof tile panels. Nevertheless, if we put the price before everything else, we run the risk of ending up with low quality plastic roof tiles that look cheap and that won’t last long. But it’s not necessary to give up quality! The Roofeco System plastic roof panels are the perfect example of how to save money without renouncing to aesthetics and resistance. And when it comes to plastic roofing by Roofeco System, you will even save money in three respects.

Lightweight roofing

On the one hand, the synthetic roof tiles by Roofeco are way lighter than other products such as traditional roof tiles. Therefore, the structure that is required for your plastic roofing can be considerably lighter: instead of heavy construction materials, you only need a light metal or wooden structure for your plastic roof cover. That way, you can achieve important savings in construction materials. But lightweight roofing material doesn’t mean low quality: with 6.5 kg/ m2, the Roofeco System plastic roof tiles sheets are a resistant option with way more strength than other lightweight plastic roof tiles.

Easy to install plastic roofing

But less construction material is not the only reason why you can save money installing your gazebo with plastic roof, saving is also thanks to the installation itself. Thanks to the patented anchoring system of these recycled roof tiles, almost any person can install these light roof tiles. That way, building your own lightweight roof covering is not only an ideal DIY-project but also allows you to do without specialised labour.

Quick assembly of roof covering materials

And last but not least, thanks to the intuitive assembly of the plastic roofing material, your new plastic Spanish roof tiles will be installed in a flash. The light roofing materials are easy to handle given their practical size and you will be able to cover up to 35 m2 per hour. Installing a new roof was never that easy and quick!

Roofeco System: your ideal lightweight roof tiles

As you have seen, with Roofeco System plastic roofing sheets, you will be able to find a good balance between quality and economy. You can obtain all the pieces on our website, and if you still have any doubts, we will be delighted to help you out.

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