From a problem to a fantastic idea

Roofeco System S.L. is a family business which was established in Costa Rica in 1996 due to the problems of a multinational company which did not know what to do with the bags used to cover the banana bunches on its plantations. As from that year, this waste no longer contaminated rivers and agricultural land and with the production of recycled plastic lightweight roofing panels it was transformed into roof decoration and construction material. Our ecological footprint is to reuse this waste which would otherwise contaminate the environment. For example: for every  20 m² of lightweight roofing panels one hectare of banana plantations is cleaned.

Sustainable roofs with improved performance

Thanks to the idea of a family group of engineers to invest in this project, sustainability turned out to be a profitable idea.

The business started with the idea to transform this waste into plastic lightweight roofing panels which would substitute the traditional clay and ceramics but with an improved performance as the tiles are lighter, 100% waterproof, trafficable because being flexible they do not break, free of discoloration and without the necessity of continous maintenance.

Currently, this plastic roofing panels has been introduced in Central America as well as in the Caribbean, the USA and in parts of South America.

Roofeco in Spain

Our roofing benefits from the accumulated experience of 17 years in America to provide our clients with an added value. In order to achieve this type of product, the engineers of the company Roofeco System S.L. developed various innovations within the program of i+D+i such as: a tile that does not require exposes screws or cement for its installation. Furthermore, the plastic tiles use nano technology the special properties of which permit the development of a product with a material that offers improved resistance to UV deterioration, reduces thermal transmission as well as noise echo. This is why our roofing system come with a 20 year warrantee,  even though their service life can exceed 50 years.

Our suppliers comply with European quality norms which enables us to provide our market with an incomparable guarantee.